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About the game

Archamon is realtime (or non-turn-based) strategic game from medieval age.
The game is developing by independent Czech studio - Vionsoft.

The World of Archamon...

World Behavior

The world of the Archamon game is based on the presumption that this world is not here for the player and the player is not here for the world. The world is created and runs on its own. The trees and bushes keep growing, eventually becoming old, and disappear. Adult plants give life to new ones, and forests renew themselves naturally. The same goes for wild game, which takes care of itself independently of the player.

The player creates a nation when entering this world, and uses the gifts and possibilities of the world to support its needs. There are no strict rules or limitations in the game.

As the game progresses, the world goes through the 4 seasons, from which each of them has its own specifics, advantages and disadvantages. The most difficult is winter, when the plants stop growing and the food cannot be obtained from agriculture.

When it comes to your human nation, there are men and women, and for the future development of the nation it is essential that their numbers remain about equal. However, the birth rate is limited so the nation does not grow out of control and does not deplete its food supplies.

Each person has certain abilities and features, strengths and resilience, that predispose them for certain careers. If they get a weapon, they become soldiers (this is possible for women, too).


The economy is based on the system of raw materials (similarly as in the game Settlers). Forests provide wood, mountain quarries provide stone, the bushes and plants provide natural medicine, and ore is found under ground. The raw materials are transformed into useful everyday necessities by people with different occupations, and there are about 30 different kinds of raw materials and their products. Besides the raw materials, there is common money that cannot be produced and is not important for running everyday life but is involved in trade and politics. Each building is in charge of producing and stocking raw materials and food for its inhabitants, independently of other buildings. Buildings are connected through warehouses.

Food (there are several kinds of food, each with different nutritional value) is vital; if you run out of food, your people starve. At first, they stop working, and eventually die miserably. There are also nomadic people, who, in lack of food, may attack each other and turn to cannibalism in order to preserve their kind.

Besides food, people in your world need enough clothing and places to live. However, homelessness is not deadly, except in winter. Therefore, you have to build enough houses.


You can trade raw materials with other nations or nomadic merchants. The goods are traded in marketplaces for golden coins; the price of each good is determined according to the demand and amount of the good in the world. In order to trade with a nation, you have to sign a peace treaty with that nation.


The player can be at peace or at war with a nation, or can influence the relationship between nations, e.g. sign treaties, create partnerships.

Money (golden coins) can be used in politics to convince/bribe other nations (for example to persuade them to break a treaty with another nation, etc.)

Military and Wars

War is not a major target in Archamon (survival and success in the game can be achieved through economics, trade and politics). However, it is important because not all the nations are peaceful, especially nomadic nations that don’t mind attacking your prosperous villages.

The number of weapon types you can equip your people with is limited (there are three types of attack weapons). However, a combination of defense elements will make a difference in a real fight. Armor and shields cost extra money/raw materials, and the player can decide whether to provide them to the soldiers. The strength level of the soldiers also depends on their training. | Server České | Blender | GIMP | Audacity | Originální trička na | Turistický portál

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